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Our Service

Early intervention work in mainstream schools for pupils at risk of permanent exclusion. Interventions for pupils who are refusing or unable to attend a school setting. 

Engagement and education of pupils who do not have a school place or are permanently excluded with accompanying input and support within a re-integration programme. 

Work with other professionals by contributing to EHCPs and other individual diagnoses that a pupil may need.

Our mission

To re-engage children who have not been able to access education due to the nature and complexity of their needs through individualised and group learning.

Our vision

As an Alternative Learning provider our aim is to ensure excellent outcomes for the children and young people in our service. We provide specialist education for pupils aged 4-19 either on short or long – term programmes, focusing on attendance, re-introduction into learning, engagement and an experience of success.

Most of our pupils have complex and additional needs, some with EHCPs, who have often been unable to flourish in mainstream education.

Our educating system enables positive opportunities using informed interventions that remove barriers to learning.

Outcomes for Pupils

Assessment data is used to develop an individual learning programme which raises achievements, inspires expectations and supports pupils in their learning.

Quality of Teaching Learning and Assessment

The curriculum focuses on delivering academic, social and emotional learning which enables learners to become successful and proud of achieving. All delivery is monitored by the Headteacher and specialist teachers who focus on curriculum content and delivery, every lesson has a planned learning objective. Marking and feedback is done with the pupil to give an understanding of what has been achieved and what the next steps are.

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

Attendance is monitored, encouraged and rewarded with certificates. Behaviour expectations are high and made clear to pupils. Pastoral support is given to complement the academic curriculum using the nurturing techniques within the Boxall Profile and THRIVE.

Who do we work with?

As an approved provider for London Boroughs and County Councils we are experienced in working with local authorities and schools.

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